2.4 MSI-64 Encapsulator

The MSI-64 Encapsulator reduces system wiring by combining the DeviceID onto the Data bus for writes to the GITS_TRANSLATER register.

The following figure shows an overview of the MSI-64 Encapsulator process.

Figure 2-5 MSI-64 Encapsulator
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The MSI-64 Encapsulator detects translations that are targeted at the target page address of the GITS_TRANSLATER register, set by the msi_translator_page tie-off. It then converts accesses to 64-bit writes with the awdeviceid in the upper 32 bits of the data and retargets them to the msi64_translator_page. This avoids having to use wires to transfer a DeviceID to the GITS_TRANSLATER register for translation.

See 3.13 MSI-64 for more information.

This section contains the following subsections:
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