2.8 Hierarchy

There are three structure options that can be selected using the structure configuration tag.

wrap: This provides the lowest level of structure, and wraps the following blocks:

  • The Redistributor is wrapped with interconnect components between the Redistributor and the cores. The components wrapped at this level are shown within the blue dashed lines in the following figure. If the core is in a different clock domain, in accordance with the domain tags, then half of the ADB-400 domain bridge is included in a stitched file called gic600_ppi_wrap_<n>_<usrcfg>.v.
  • If a bypass switch is selected as shown in Figure   2-3 ITS block, the ITS block is wrapped in a file called gic600_its_wrap_<n>_<usrcfg>.v.
  • If the GIC is configured to share ACE-Lite ports between the ITS and GICD (configuration tag monolithic = 1), the ITS and GICD are stitched together in a file called gic600_gicd_wrap_<usrcfg>.v.

domain: All blocks and wrapped components that are in the same domain are stitched together in a file called gic600_domain_<name>_<usrcfg>.v and includes ADB-400 domain bridges and collated Low-Power Interfaces. Blocks and components at this level are shown within the red dashed lines in the following figure.

full: All domains are stitched together to create a single top-level GIC-600 file called gic600_<usrcfg>.v.

The following figure shows the top-level options.

Figure 2-8 GIC top-level structure options
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