4.8.6 Error Record Miscellaneous Register 1, GICT_ERR<n>MISC1

This register contains the data value of an uncorrectable error in the LPI RAM, or ITS software information for one of 13, or more, error records. The GIC-600 only supports a single MISC1 register, so n = 10, and therefore this register is identified as GICT_ERR10MISC1.

The GICT_ERR10MISC1 characteristics are:

Usage constraints

If GICD_SAC.GICTNS == 0, then only Secure software can access the functions of this register.

If GICT_ERR10STATUS.MV == 1, then GICT_ERR10MISC1 ignores writes.

ConfigurationsAvailable in all GIC-600 configurations.
AttributesSee 4.8 GICT register summary.
Figure 4-39 GICT_ERR10MISC1 bit assignments
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The following table shows the bit assignments.

Table 4-52 GICT_ERR10MISC1 bit assignments

Bits Name Function
[63:x + 1] - Reserved, RAZ.
[x:0] INFO

Value represents either data that is written to the LPI RAM when an uncorrectable error is detected, or ITS software information for one of 13, or more, error records. The value x depends on the width of the LPI RAM, which is set during configuration of the GIC-600.

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