3.16.7 Bus errors

ACE-Lite bus error syndromes such as bad transactions, and corrupted RAM data reads can be made to report an ACE-Lite SLVERR.

The GICT_ERR0CTLR.UE bit can be used to enable ACE-Lite bus error, External AXI Slave Error (SLVERR) for the syndromes shown in the following table.

Table 3-16 Bus error syndromes

Syndrome Description Direction
SYN_ACE_BAD ACE-Lite transactions are either bad or unrecognized Read and Write
SYN_GICR_CORRUPTED Data read from SPI RAM is corrupted Read-only
SYN_GICD_CORRUPTED Data read from SGI or PPI RAM is corrupted Read-only
SYN_ITS_OFF Access to ITS attempted when powered down Read and Write
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