2.4.2 MSI-64 miscellaneous signals

The MSI-64 receives target address signals for the GITS_TRANSLATER register, and an ACE-Lite sideband signal.

Table 2-14 MSI-64 miscellaneous signals

Signal Direction Description
msi_translator_page Input The target page address of the GITS_TRANSLATER register. The MSI-64 Encapsulator does not support a msi_transalator_page value of 0.
msi64_translator_page Input The target address of the 64-bit GITS_TRANSLATER register. This page must be at a different location to the msi_translator_page and at a location known only to the hypervisor. The hypervisor must be able to project the page from accesses from devices and processors that can spoof incorrect DeviceIDs.
awdeviceid Input The ACE-Lite AW sideband signal that reports the DeviceID for writes to GITS_TRANSLATER. The value is ignored for non-MSI writes.
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