4.2 Register summary

The system control coprocessor is a set of registers that you can write to and read from. Some of the registers permit more than one type of operation.

For more information on using the CP15 system control registers, see the ARM® Architecture Reference Manual ARMv7‑A and ARMv7‑R edition.

The following table describes the column headings that the CP15 register summary tables use.

Table 4-1 Column headings definition for CP15 register summary tables

Column name Description
CRn Register number within the system control coprocessor
Op1 Opcode_1 value for the register
CRm Operational register number within CRn
Op2 Opcode_2 value for the register
Name Short form architectural, operation, or code name for the register
Reset Reset value of register
Description Cross-reference to register description
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