7.5.2 SCU registers used in ECC

The SCU is seen as a peripheral by the Cortex®‑R8 processor core(s), and has its own memory-mapped register file.

The following SCU registers are used in ECC:

SCU Control Register
Bits[15:12] of this register are used to enable ECC checking on the AXI ports.
SCU Error Bank Registers
Bits[13:5] of these registers hold the SCU tag RAM index, and bits[1:0] show the error status.
Performance counters
Events related to the SCU are reported to the PMU of each core. The performance counters can be configured to monitor several ECC-related metrics.
SCU Debug Cache Registers

These registers provide information on various aspects of ECC for the SCU:

  • The SCU Debug Tag RAM Operation Register shows the address and action for the SCU tag RAM access.
  • The SCU Debug Tag RAM Data Value Register and SCU Debug Tag RAM ECC Chunk Register contain the data from the memory selected by the SCU Debug Tag RAM Operation Register.
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