A4.7 Encoding for power modes

The following table shows the encodings for the supported modes for each core domain P-Channel.

Table A4-3 Core Power Modes COREPSTATE Encoding

Power Mode Short Name PACTIVE Bit Number PSTATE valuea Power Mode Description
Debug Recovery DEBUG_RECOV - 0b001010

Logic is off (or in reset), RAM state is retained and not invalidated when transition to On mode.

On ON 8 0b001000

All powerup.

SIMD Dynamic Retention FUNC_RET 7 0b000111

SIMD logic is in retention and inoperable. All other logic is on and operational.

Core Dynamic Retention FULL_RET 5 0b000101

Logic and RAM State are inoperable but retained.

Off (Emulated) OFF_EMU 1 0b000001

On with Warm reset asserted, debug state is retained and accessible.

Off OFF 0 (implicit)b 0b000000

All powerdown.

a PSTATE[5:4] are don't care.
b It is tied off to 0 and should be inferred when all other PACTIVE bits are LOW. For more information, see the AMBA® Low Power Interface Specification Arm® Q-Channel and P-Channel Interfaces.
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