B2.105.3 VDISR_EL2 at EL1 using AArch64

VDISR_EL2 has a specific format when written at EL1.

The following figure shows the VDISR_EL2 bit assignments when written at EL1 using AArch64:

Figure B2-94 VDISR_EL2 at EL1 using AArch64
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RES0, [63:32]
A, [31]

Set to 1 when ESB defers an asynchronous SError interrupt.

RES0, [30:25]
RES0 Reserved.
IDS, [24]

Contains the value from VSESR_EL2.IDS.

ISS, [23:0]

Contains the value from VSESR_EL2, bits[23:0].

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