Part C Debug descriptions

Table of Contents

C1 Debug
C1.1 About debug methods
C1.2 Debug functional description
C1.3 Debug register interfaces
C1.3.1 Core interfaces
C1.3.2 Effects of resets on debug registers
C1.3.3 External access permissions to debug registers
C1.4 Debug events
C1.4.1 Watchpoint debug events
C1.4.2 Debug OS Lock
C1.5 External debug interface
C2.1 About the PMU
C2.2 PMU functional description
C2.3 External register access permissions to the PMU registers
C2.4 PMU events
C2.5 PMU interrupts
C2.6 Exporting PMU events
C3.1 About the ETM
C3.2 ETM trace unit generation options and resources
C3.3 ETM trace unit functional description
C3.4 Resetting the ETM
C3.5 Programming and reading ETM trace unit registers
C3.6 ETM trace unit register interfaces
C3.7 Interaction with the PMU and Debug
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