B4.10 ICC_MSRE, Interrupt Controller Monitor System Register Enable Register

ICC_MSRE controls whether the System register interface or the memory-mapped interface to the GIC CPU interface is used for EL3.

Bit field descriptions

ICC_MSRE is a 32-bit register and is part of:

  • The GIC system registers functional group.
  • The Security registers functional group.
  • The GIC control registers functional group.
Figure B4-6 ICC_MSRE bit assignments
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RES0, [31:4]
Reserved, RES0.
Enable, [3]

Enables lower Exception level access to ICC_SRE. The value is:


Non-secure EL1 accesses to ICC_SRE do not trap to EL2.

This bit is RAO/WI.

DIB, [2]

Disable IRQ bypass. The possible values are:


IRQ bypass enabled.


IRQ bypass disabled.

DFB, [1]

Disable FIQ bypass. The possible values are:


FIQ bypass enabled.


FIQ bypass disabled.

SRE, [0]

System Register Enable. The value is:


The System register interface for the current Security state is enabled.

This bit is RAO/WI. The core only supports a system register interface to the GIC CPU interface.


AArch32 System register ICC_MSRE can be mapped to AArch64 System register ICC_SRE_EL3.

Bit fields and details not provided in this description are architecturally defined. See the Arm® Generic Interrupt Controller Architecture Specification.

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