D7.1 PMU snapshot register summary

The snapshot registers are visible in an implementation defined region of the PMU external debug interface. Each time the debugger sends a snapshot request, information is collected to see how the code is executed in the different cores.

The following table describes the PMU snapshot registers implemented in the core.

Table D7-1 PMU snapshot register summary

Offset Name Type Width Description
0x600 PMPCSSR_LO RO 32 D7.2 PMPCSSR, Snapshot Program Counter Sample Register
0x604 PMPCSSR_HI RO 32
0x608 PMPCIDSSR RO 32 D7.3 PMCIDSSR, Snapshot CONTEXTIDR_EL1 Sample Register
0x60C PMPCID2SSR RO 32 D7.4 PMCID2SSR, Snapshot CONTEXTIDR_EL2 Sample Register
0x610 PMSSSR RO 32 D7.5 PMSSSR, PMU Snapshot Status Register
0x614 PMOVSSR RO 32 D7.6 PMOVSSR, PMU Overflow Status Snapshot Register
0x618 PMCCNTSR_LO RO 32 D7.7 PMCCNTSR, PMU Cycle Counter Snapshot Register
0x620 + 4×n PMEVCNTSRn RO 32 D7.8 PMEVCNTSRn, PMU Cycle Counter Snapshot Registers 0-5
0x6F0 PMSSCR WO 32 D7.9 PMSSCR, PMU Snapshot Capture Register
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