1.1 About Mali GPUs

ARM produces the following families of Mali™ GPUs:

Mali Midgard GPUs
Mali Midgard GPUs include the following:
  • Mali-T600 series.
  • Mali-T720.
  • Mali-T760.
  • Mali-T820.
  • Mali-T830.
  • Mali-T860.
  • Mali-T880.
Mali Utgard GPUs
The Mali Utgard GPUs include the following:
  • Mali-300.
  • Mali-400 MP.
  • Mali-450 MP.
  • Mali-470 MP.


The Mali Utgard GPUs do not support OpenCL.
Mali GPUs can have one or more shader cores. Each shader core contains one or more Arithmetic Logic Units (ALUs).
The ALUs are based on a Single Instruction Multiple Data (SIMD) architecture. Instructions operate on multiple data elements simultaneously.
Mali GPUs run data processing tasks in parallel that contain relatively little control code. Mali GPUs typically contain many more processing units than application processors. This enables Mali GPUs to compute at a higher rate than application processors, without using more power.
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