9 Trigger Counter Value Register, TCVR

Indicates the programmed trigger counter value. The TPIU implements a trigger counter that enables delaying the indication of triggers to any external connected trace capture devices. The counter is 8 bits wide and is intended only to be used with the counter multipliers within the Trigger Multiplier Register. When a trigger occurs (trigin), the TCVR.TrigCount value, with the TCMR, determines the number of words to be output from the formatter before the trigger is indicated on the Trace Port. When the trigger counter reaches zero, the value from the TCVR register is reloaded into the trigger counter. Writing to this register causes the trigger counter (the actual counter) to be reloaded. Reading this register returns the programmed count value and not the current count.

The TCVR register characteristics are:









The following figure shows the bit assignments.

Figure 9-448 TCVR register bit assignments
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The following table shows the bit assignments.

Table 9-463 TCVR register bit assignments

Bits Reset value Name Function
[31:8] 0x0 RAZ/WI

Read-As-Zero, Writes Ignored.

[7:0] 0b00000000 TrigCount

Programmed trigger counter value.

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