Appendix A Revisions

This appendix describes the technical changes between released issues of this book.

A Revisions

Each table shows the technical differences between successive issues of the document.

Table A-1 Issue 0000-00

Change Location Affects
First release - -

Table A-2 Differences between issue 0000-00 and issue 0000-01

Change Location Affects
Updated component list css600 component list All revisions
Added DAP components chapter Chapter 2 DAP components functional description
Added APB infrastructure components chapter Chapter 3 APB infrastructure components functional description
Added ATB infrastructure components chapter Chapter 4 ATB infrastructure components functional description
Added Timestamp components chapter Chapter 5 Timestamp components functional description
Added Embedded cross-trigger components chapter Chapter 6 Embedded Cross Trigger components functional description
Added Authentication components chapter Chapter 7 Authentication components functional description
Updated DP programmers model section css600_dp introduction

Table A-3 Differences between issue 0000-01 and issue 0100-00

Change Location Affects
Added Narrow Timestamp components Chapter 5 Timestamp components functional description r1p0
Added PIL component Cortex-M4 PIL overview r1p0
Component list has been updated css600 component list r1p0
DEVID1 added to the TMC programmers models Register summary r1p0
PIDR2 has been updated in the TMC programmers models Register summary r1p0

Table A-5 Differences between issue 0200-00 and issue 0300-00

Change Location Affects
Added TPIU component css600 component list and css600_tpiu introduction r3p0
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