In STOPPING state, the TMC begins to drain the trace data from its internal pipelines to the trace memory.

From the programmers model, the STOPPING state is indistinguishable from the RUNNING state. The STOPPED state is entered from STOPPING state when the following conditions are true:

  • All trace has been output, including null padding, if necessary, to drain the last few bytes of trace, and the formatter and write buffer are empty.
  • In Hardware Read FIFO mode, the FIFO and unformatter are also empty.
  • In SWF1 and SWF2 modes, there must be space in the FIFO for data that is left in the pipeline to be written to the FIFO. To achieve this, it might be necessary to read extra data from the FIFO. If no space is available in the FIFO, then the STOPPED state is not reached.
  • In ETS configuration, which is always in Circular Buffer mode, a STOPPING to STOPPED state transition depends on the rate at which data is accepted by the AXI4 Stream slave device.
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