9 Register summary

The following table shows the registers in offset order from the base memory address.

More than one register can appear at a given address, depending on the value of SELECT.DPBANKSEL. The combinations of address offset and SELECT.DPBANKSEL value, and whether the register is accessible by the JTAG-DP, SW-DP, or both, are all shown in the following table.


A reset value containing one or more '-' means that this register contains UNKNOWN or IMPLEMENTATION-DEFINED values. See the relevant register description for more information.

A DPBANKSEL value containing an 'X' means that the DPBANKSEL value is ignored.

Locations that are not listed in the table are Reserved.

Table 9-1 css600_dp register summary

Offset DPBANKSEL Name JTAG-DP SW-DP Reset Description
0x0000 X ABORT No Yes 0x0C013477 AP Abort Register, ABORT
0x0000 0x0 DPIDR Yes Yes 0x0C013477 Debug Port Identification Register, DPIDR
0x0000 0x1 DPIDR1 Yes Yes 0x0000008C Debug Port Identification Register 1, DPIDR1
0x0000 0x2 BASEPTR0 Yes Yes 0x00000032 Base Pointer Register 0, BASEPTR0
0x0000 0x3 BASEPTR1 Yes Yes 0x00000000 Base Pointer Register 1, BASEPTR1
0x0004 0x0 CTRLSTAT Yes Yes 0x00000000 Control/Status Register, CTRLSTAT
0x0004 0x1 DLCR No Yes 0x00000040 Data Link Control Register, DLCR
0x0004 0x2 TARGETID Yes Yes 0x00000001 Target Identification Register, TARGETID
0x0004 0x3 DLPIDR Yes Yes 0x000000001 Data Link Protocol Identification Register, DLPIDR
0x0004 0x4 EVENTSTAT Yes Yes 0x00000001 Event Status Register, EVENTSTAT
0x0004 0x5 SELECT1 Yes Yes 0x00000000 Select Register 1, SELECT1
0x0008 X - on reads RESEND No Yes 0x00000000 Read Resend Register, RESEND
0x0008 X - on writes SELECT Yes Yes 0x00000000 Select Register, SELECT
0x000C X - on reads RDBUFF No Yes 0x00000000 Read Buffer Register, RDBUFF
0x000C X - on writes TARGETSEL No Yes 0x00000000 Target Selection Register, TARGETSEL
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