9 Peripheral Identification Register 2, PIDR2

The PIDR2 register is part of the set of peripheral identification registers.

The PIDR2 register characteristics are:









The following figure shows the bit assignments.

Figure 9-247 PIDR2 register bit assignments
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The following table shows the bit assignments.

Table 9-256 PIDR2 register bit assignments

Bits Reset value Name Function
[31:8] 0x0 RES0

Reserved bit or field with Should-Be-Zero-or-Preserved (SBZP) behavior.

[7:4] 0b0001 REVISION

Revision. It is an incremental value starting at 0x0 for the first design of a component. See the css600 Component list in Chapter 1 for information on the RTL revision of the component.

[3] 0b1 JEDEC

1 - Always set. Indicates that a JEDEC assigned value is used.

[2:0] 0b011 DES_1

JEP106 identification code, bits[6:4]. Together, with PIDR4.DES_2 and PIDR1.DES_0, they indicate the designer of the component and not the implementer, except where the two are the same.

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