3 APB PADDRDBG31 Adapter

The css600_apbpaddrdbg31adapter module, enables you to integrate a CoreSight™ Architecture v2.0 component or subsystem into a CoreSight debug and trace subsystem (CSSYS).

Use the css600_apbpaddrdbg31adapter to integrate legacy components that have a dedicated paddrdbg31 signal into the memory map of the Arm® CoreSight SoC-600 CSSYS. The css600_apbpaddrdbg31adapter:

  • Replaces the 2GB split at 0x80000000 with a user-defined split.
  • Maps the two views of the component to consecutive regions of the memory map.
  • Maps the external debugger view to the lower region.
  • Maps the self-hosted view to the upper region.

The following figure shows the external connections on the APB PADDRDBG31 Adapter.

Figure 3-6 css600_apbpaddrdbg31adapter logical connections
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