6 About cross triggering

The cross-triggering components enable CoreSight™ components to broadcast events between each other.

Events are distributed as follows:

CTIs are connected to each other using one or more Cross Trigger Matrices (CTMs), through channel interfaces. When an event occurs on a channel, it is broadcast on that channel to all other CTIs in the system.

Each CTI can be programmed to connect each channel to each of several trigger outputs. If programmed to do so, when a channel event occurs, it causes an event on the trigger output.

Each CTI trigger output can be connected to a CoreSight component event input.

Cross triggering can take place between trigger inputs and outputs on a single CTI, or between multiple CTIs. CTIs can be programmed not to broadcast events for selected channels, so that certain events can only trigger output events on the same CTI. Only the CTIs are programmable.

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