6 Cross Trigger Interface

The css600_cti connects one or more event sources and one or more event destinations to the cross trigger network.

The CTI has the following functional interfaces:

  • Up to 32 trigger inputs, enabling events to be signaled to the CTI.
  • Up to 32 trigger outputs, enabling the CTI to signal events to other components.
  • A channel interface for connecting CTIs together using one or more CTMs.
  • An APB interface for accessing the registers of the CTI.
  • An Authentication interface for controlling access to certain debug events.
  • Eight asicctrl signals that can be used to control external multiplexers.

The CTI includes configuration tie-off inputs that enable several trigger input and output types to be connected.

Arm recommends that the CTI that is connected to a processor is disabled before the processor clock is stopped. This operation minimizes the likelihood of unexpected events entering the cross-triggering system or affecting the processor when its clock is restarted. The CTICONTROL.CTIEN register bit can be used to disable the CTI globally without changing the event mapping programming.

The following figure shows the external connections on the Cross Trigger Interface.

Figure 6-1 css600_cti logical connections
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