4 Initializing the CATU

The CATU operates when it is initialized and enabled.

To initialize the CATU:

  1. Set CONTROL.ENABLE = 0.
  2. Set STATUS.READY = 1.
  3. Initialize the scatter list in system memory. This step is not required if the CATU is in Bypass mode. See Scatter list for more information.
  4. Set up the CATU registers shown in the following table.
  5. Set CONTROL.ENABLE = 1.

The following table shows the registers that must be initialized before the CATU is enabled.

Table 4-3 Registers that must be initialized

Address Register Description
0x004 MODE Mode register
0x008 AXICTRL AXI control register
0x00C IRQEN Interrupt enable register
0x020 SLADDRLO Scatter list address low register
0x024 SLADDRHI Scatter list address high register
0x028 INADDRLO Input address low register
0x02C INADDRHI Input address high register
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