8 Cortex®‑A8 PIL CoreSight component identification

CoreSight™ components have several IDs that identify the components.

The following table shows the CoreSight ID register reset values for the components present within the Cortex®‑A8 PIL. See the Arm® CoreSight™ Architecture Specification v3.0 for information on the CoreSight ID scheme.

Table 8-3 Cortex‑A8 PIL CoreSight ID register reset values

PID CID DevType DevArch Revision Component
0x00000004001BB4A8 0xB105900D 0x00 0x47700AF7 r0p1 css600_cortexa8integrationcs ROM Table
0x00000004206BB921 0xB105900D 0x13 0x00000000 r0p0 Cortex‑A8 ETM
0x00000004206BB922 0xB105900D 0x14 0x00000000 r0p0 Cortex‑A8 CTI
0x00000004206BBC08 0xB105900D 0x15 0x00000000 r0p2 Cortex‑A8 Debug
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