3 APB interconnect

The css600_apbic is used to provide connections between APB4 masters and APB4 slaves anywhere in a CoreSight system.

APB4 masters might be debug ports, APB Access Ports, or other APB masters from a compute subsystem. It is a two-part meta-component that has the following features:

  • Single clock domain.
  • Decoder component configurable for up to four slave interfaces and up to 64 master interfaces.
  • Physical grouping of decoded master interfaces using one or more configurable expander components.
  • Option to insert APB asynchronous or synchronous bridges between decoder and expander instances to cross power and clock domain boundaries.
  • Configurable APB address widths to suit addressable ranges.
  • A Q-channel LPI for high level clock management.

The following figure shows the external connections on the APB interconnect.

Figure 3-1 css600_apbic logical connections
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