9 RAM Update Read Pointer register, RURP

The RURP register enables software to inform the TMC of the amount of trace data that is extracted directly from system memory in SWF2 mode. Writes to this register are ignored when the TMC is in Disabled state or when not in SWF2 mode.

The RURP register characteristics are:









The following figure shows the bit assignments.

Figure 9-380 RURP register bit assignments
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The following table shows the bit assignments.

Table 9-393 RURP register bit assignments

Bits Reset value Name Function
[31:21] 0b00000000000 RAZ/WI

Read-As-Zero, Writes Ignored.

[20:0] 0x0 RURP

RAM Update Read Pointer. A write to the RURP register causes the TMC to update the RAM Read Pointer, both the RRP and RRPHI registers, based on the value that is written to it. RURP allows up to 1MB of data to be extracted in a single chunk. Reads always return 0x0. The following constraints apply to the write values: 0x000000 - no effect, 0x000001-0x100000 - increment RRP by this value, 0x100001-0x1FFFFF - reserved.

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