1 css600 component list

CoreSight™ SoC-600 components are provided as RTL blocks, the name of each one prefixed with css600_.

The following table shows the components and their versions.

Table 1-1 css600 component list

Name Description Version Revision IP-XACT Version
css600_ahbap AHB Access Port r0p1 1 r0p1_0
css600_apb3toapb4adapter APB3 to APB4 adapter r0p0 - r0p0_0
css600_apb4toapb3adapter APB4 to APB3 adapter r0p0 - r0p0_0
css600_apbap APB Access Port r0p1 1 r0p1_0
css600_apbasyncbridge APB Asynchronous Bridge r0p2 - r0p2_0
css600_apbic APB Interconnect r0p1 - r0p1_0
css600_apbpaddrdbg31adapter APB PADDRDBG[31] Adapter r1p0 - r1p0_0
css600_apbrom APB ROM Table r0p1 - r0p1_0
css600_apbrom_gpr APB ROM GPR r0p1 - r0p1_0
css600_apbsyncbridge APB Synchronous Bridge r0p2 - r0p2_0
css600_apv1adapter Access Port v1 Adapter r0p0 0 r0p0_0
css600_atbasyncbridge ATB Asynchronous Bridge r1p0 - r1p0_0
css600_atbbuffer ATB Trace Buffer r0p1 - r0p1_0
css600_atbdownsizer ATB Downsizer r0p1 - r0p1_0
css600_atbfunnel ATB Trace Funnel r0p1 1 r0p1_0
css600_atbreplicator ATB Trace Replicator r0p1 1 r0p1_0
css600_atbsyncbridge ATB Synchronous Bridge r1p0 - r1p0_0
css600_atbupsizer ATB Trace Upsizer r0p1 - r0p1_0
css600_authasyncbridge Authentication Asynchronous Bridge r0p0 - r0p0_0
css600_authreplicator Authentication Replicator r0p0 - r0p0_0
css600_authsyncbridge Authentication Synchronous Bridge r0p0 - r0p0_0
css600_axiap AXI Access Port r0p1 1 r0p1_0
css600_catu CoreSight Address Translation Unit r0p0 0 r0p0_0
css600_channelpulseasyncbridge Channel Pulse Asynchronous Bridge r0p1 - r0p1_0
css600_channelpulsesyncbridge Channel Pulse Synchronous Bridge r0p1 - r0p1_0
css600_channelpulsetochanneladapter Channel Pulse to Channel Adapter r0p0 - r0p0_0
css600_channeltochannelpulseadapter Channel to Channel Pulse Adapter r0p1 - r0p1_0
css600_cti Cross Trigger Interface r0p1 1 r0p1_0
css600_ctitostmadapter CTI to STM Adapter r0p0 - r0p0_0
css600_ctm Cross Trigger Matrix r0p0 - r0p0_0
css600_dp Debug Port r0p2 (2) r0p2_0
css600_dpabortasyncbridge DP Abort Asynchronous Bridge r0p1 - r0p1_0
css600_dpabortreplicator DP Abort Replicator r0p0 - r0p0_0
css600_dpabortsyncbridge DP Abort Synchronous Bridge r0p1 - r0p1_0
css600_eventlevelasyncbridge Event Level Asynchronous Bridge r0p0 - r0p0_0
css600_eventlevelsyncbridge Event Level Synchronous Bridge r0p0 - r0p0_0
css600_eventpulseasyncbridge Event Pulse Asynchronous Bridge r0p1 - r0p1_0
css600_eventpulsesyncbridge Event Pulse Synchronous Bridge r0p1 - r0p1_0
css600_eventpulsetoeventadapter Event Pulse to Event Adapter r0p0 - r0p0_0
css600_eventtoeventpulseadapter Event to Event Pulse Adapter r0p1 - r0p1_0
css600_jtagap JTAG Access Port r0p1 1 r0p1_0
css600_jtagtoswjadapter JTAG to SWJ Adapter r0p0 - r0p0_0
css600_ntsasyncbridge Narrow Timestamp Asynchronous Bridge r1p0 - r1p0_0
css600_ntsdecoder Narrow Timestamp Decoder r0p1 - r0p1_0
css600_ntsencoder Narrow Timestamp Encoder r0p1 - r0p1_0
css600_ntsreplicator Narrow Timestamp Replicator r0p1 - r0p1_0
css600_ntssyncbridge Narrow Timestamp Synchronous Bridge r0p1 - r0p1_0
css600_swjic SWJ Interconnect r0p0 - r0p0_0
css600_swjtojtagadapter SWJ to JTAG Adapter r0p0 - r0p0_0
css600_tmc Trace Memory Controller r0p3 3 r0p3_0
css600_tpiu TracePort Interface Unit r0p0 0 r0p0_0
css600_tsgen Timestamp Generator r0p0 0 r0p0_0
css600_tsintp Timestamp Interpolator r0p1 - r0p1_0
css600_tsreplicator Timestamp Replicator r0p0 - r0p0_0
css600_cortexa5integrationcs Cortex-A5 PIL r0p0 1 r0p0_0
css600_cortexa8integrationcs Cortex-A8 PIL r0p0 1 r0p0_0
css600_cortexa9integrationcs Cortex-A9 PIL r0p0 1 r0p0_0
css600_cortexr4integrationcs Cortex-R4 PIL r0p0 1 r0p0_0
css600_cortexr5integrationcs Cortex-R5 PIL r0p0 1 r0p0_0
css600_cortexm0integrationcs Cortex-M0 PIL r0p0 1 r0p0_0
css600_cortexm3integrationcs Cortex-M3 PIL r0p0 1 r0p0_0
css600_cortexm4integrationcs Cortex-M4 PIL r0p0 1 r0p0_0


The Revision column only applies to those components that have a programmers model. In these cases, the value that is shown is that of the PIDR2.REVISION field.
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