4 ATB asynchronous bridge

The css600_atbasyncbridge is used to transport the AMBA trace bus across a clock or power domain boundary.

The ATB asynchronous bridge provides the following features:

  • Two independent clock domains with any phase or frequency alignment.
  • Two independent power domains, either of which can be switched relative to the other.
  • Three Q-Channel LPIs for slave side clock, master side clock, and power switching management.
  • Two-part meta-component with separate slave and master side components.
  • Configurable ATB data width.
  • Configurable for 2- or 3-stage synchronizers.
  • Automatically manages upstream flush of trace data before power down.

The following figure shows the external connections on the ATB asynchronous bridge.

Figure 4-8 css600_atbasyncbridge logical connections
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