4.5 System controller peripheral

The system controller provides the following:

  • Control outputs for memory remap and a Performance Monitor Unit (PMU).


    Memory remap and PMU are not used in the Cortex®-M3 DesignStart™ Eval example system.
  • A mechanism to monitor the source of system reset requests.
  • A control to enable system reset when the processor enters a lockup state. When the processor is in the lockup state, it does not execute any instructions.

The following table describes the system controller programmers model:

Table 4-19 System controller programmers model

Address Name Type Reset Descriptions
0x4001F000 REMAP RW 0b1 Bit 0:
1Enable remap output.
0Disable remap output.

Software symbol: CMSDK_SYSCON->REMAP.

Not used in Cortex-M3 DesignStart Eval.

0x4001F004 PMUCTRL RW 0b0 Bit 0:
1Enable PMU output.
0Disable PMU.

Software symbol: CMSDK_SYSCON->PMUCTRL.

Not used in Cortex-M3 DesignStart Eval.

0x4001F008 RESETOP RW 0b0 Bit 0:
1Automatically generates system reset if the processor is in the lockup state.

Does not automatically generate reset when the processor is in the lockup state.

Software symbol: CMSDK_SYSCON->RESETOP.

0x4001F00C - - - Reserved
0x4001F010 RSTINFO RW 0b0

Bit 2: If 1, processor lockup state caused the reset.

Bit 1: If 1, Watchdog caused the reset.

Bit 0: If 1, SYSRESETREQ caused the reset.

Write 1 to each bit to clear.

Software symbol CMSDK_SYSCON-> RSTINFO.

0x4001FFD0 PID4 RO 0x04

Peripheral ID 4.

[7:4]Block count
0x4001FFD4 PID5 RO 0x00 Peripheral ID 5, not used.
0x4001FFD8 PID6 RO 0x00 Peripheral ID 6, not used.
0x4001FFDC PID7 RO 0x00 Peripheral ID 7, not used.
0x4001FFE0 PID0 RO 0x27

Peripheral ID 0.

[7:0]Part number[7:0]
0x4001FFE4 PID1 RO 0xB8

Peripheral ID 1.

[3:0]Part number[11:8]
0x4001FFE8 PID2 RO 0x1B

Peripheral ID 2.

0x4001FFEC PID3 RO 0x-0

Peripheral ID 3.

[7:4]ECO revision number
[3:0]Customer modification number
0x4001FFF0 CID0 RO 0x0D Component ID 0
0x4001FFF4 CID1 RO 0xF0 Component ID 1 (PrimeCell class)
0x4001FFF8 CID2 RO 0x05 Component ID 2
0x4001FFFC CID3 RO 0xB1 Component ID 3
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