4.1.2 Peripheral memory map

The following table shows the memory map for peripherals in Cortex®-M3 DesignStart™ Eval:


Each bit in the 1MB bit band region can be accessed individually by making an access to the corresponding word in the 32MB bit band alias region. Only bit [0] is used when you make an access to the bit band alias region. The base bit band region can be accessed directly in the same way as normal memory, using word, halfword, or byte accesses.

Table 4-2 Peripheral memory map

Start End Peripheral Size Subsystem connection Comment Bit band region
0x40000000 0x40000FFF Timer0 4KB APB[0] Internal to subsystem Yes
0x40001000 0x40001FFF Timer1 4KB APB[1] Internal to subsystem Yes
0x40002000 0x40002FFF Dual Timer 4KB APB[2] Dual timer Yes
0x40003000 0x40003FFF Reserved 4KB APB[3] Use for flash cache Yes
0x40004000 0x40004FFF UART0 4KB APB[4] MCC UART Yes
0x40005000 0x40005FFF UART1 4KB APB[5] MPS2+ UART Yes
0x40006000 0x40006FFF RTC 4KB APB[6] Real Time Clock Yes
0x40007000 0x40007FFF APB expansion 4KB APB[7] - Yes
0x40008000 0x40008FFF Watchdog 4KB APB[8] Watchdog Yes
0x40009000 0x40009FFF Reserved 4KB APB[9] Use for flash memory Yes
0x4000A000 0x4000AFFF Reserved 4KB APB[10] Use for flash memory Yes
0x4000B000 0x4000BFFF APB expansion 4KB APB[11] - Yes
0x4000C000 0x4000CFFF APB expansion 4KB APB[12] - Yes
0x4000D000 0x4000EFFF APB expansion 8KB APB[13] - Yes
0x4000E000 0x4000EFFF APB expansion 4KB APB[14] - Yes
0x4000F000 0x4000FFFF TRNG 4KB APB[15] True Random Number Generator Yes
0x40010000 0x40010FFF GPIO0 4KB AHB EXP[15:0] Yes
0x40011000 0x40011FFF GPIO1 4KB AHB EXP[31:16] Yes
0x40012000 0x40012FFF GPIO2 4KB AHB EXP[47:32] Yes
0x40013000 0x40013FFF GPIO3 4KB AHB EXP[51:48] Yes
0x4001F000 0x4001FFFF SysCtrl 4KB AHB CMSDK system controller Yes
0x40020000 0x40020FFF PL022 4KB APB Connector J21 Yes
0x40021000 0x40021FFF PL022 4KB APB LCD touch screen Yes
0x40022000 0x40022FFF Serial control 4KB APB LCD module Yes
0x40023000 0x40023FFF Serial control 4KB APB Audio configuration Yes
0x40024000 0x40024FFF I2C 4KB APB Audio Yes
0x40025000 0x40025FFF SPI ADC 4KB APB EXP[19:16] Yes
0x40026000 0x40026FFF SPI Shield0 4KB APB EXP[14:11] Yes
0x40027000 0x40027FFF SPI Shield1 4KB APB EXP[40:38], EXP[44] Yes
0x40028000 0x40028FFF FPGA control 4KB APB - Yes
0x40029000 0x40029FFF I2C Shield0 4KB APB EXP[15], EXP[5] Yes
0x4002A000 0x4002AFFF I2C Shield1 4KB APB EXP[41], EXP[31] Yes
0x4002C000 0x4002CFFF UART2 4KB APB Shield0 - EXP[4], EXP[0] Yes
0x4002D000 0x4002DFFF UART3 4KB APB Shield1 - EXP[30], EXP[26] Yes
0x4002E000 0x4002EFFF UART4 4KB APB Shield BT - EXP[24], EXP[23] Yes
0x4002F000 0x4002FFFF SCC Registers 4KB APB Serial configuration Yes
0x40030000 0x40030FFF GPIO4 4KB AHB No external connection Yes
0x40031000 0x40031FFF GPIO5 4KB AHB No external connection Yes
0x40200000 0x40FFFFFF Ethernet - APB 16-bit memory interface -
0x41000000 0x4100FFFF VGA console - AHB Memory interface -
0x41100000 0x4113FFFF VGA image 256KB AHB Memory interface -
0x41140000 0x5FFFFFFF AHB expansion - TARGEXP1 - -
0x42000000 0x43FFFFFF Peripherals 32MB - Bit band alias -
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