6.4 Compiling the RTL

After the simulation environment is configured, with the appropriate licenses available, you can compile the Verilog RTL in the execution_tb directory.

To clean the previous RTL compile, execute the following:

make clean

To compile the RTL, execute the following:

make compile

Only the following configuration options are supported for compiling the RTL:

  • DSM.
  • SIM_64BIT.
  • SIM_VCD.
  • FSDB.

For example, to compile the RTL with the processor Cycle Model using the 64-bit Synopsys VCS, execute the following:

make compile SIMULATOR=vcs SIM_64BIT=yes DSM=yes

If the compilation is successful, then the following message is displayed:

>> Testbench compile with vcs and DSM=yes  completed successfully, log in vcs_compile.log

If the compilation fails, then the following is displayed:

 >> ERROR: Testbench compile failed, check vcs_compile.log

The compile log is written to <sim>_compile.log.


When you compile with DSM=yes, you might observe that the CORTEXM3INTEGRATIONDS_dsm module is reported as uncompiled towards the end of the process. If so, it is compiled at the end (all within the same make compile sequence).
This section contains the following subsection:
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