6.6 Running the simulation

After the RTL and test compilation, you can start the simulation in execution_tb directory using the following command:

make run TESTNAME=hello

Only the following configuration options are supported when running the simulation:

  • DSM.
  • SIM_64BIT.
  • FSDB.
  • GUI.


For more information on the supported configuration options, see 6.4.1 Testbench configuration options.

If values for any of the configuration options SIMULATOR, DSM, or SIM_64BIT were specified in the previous make compile command, then the same set of values must be used for the make run command. For example, to run hello test on a 64-bit Synopsys VCS simulator with a simulation timeout of 100 000 microseconds using the Cycle Model, execute the following:

make run TESTNAME=hello SIMULATOR=vcs SIM_64BIT=no MAX_SIMULATION_TIME=100000us DSM=yes

When you run the simulation, a log file is generated and copied to <sim>_<testname>_run.log in the execution_tb directory. If the test passes, the message ** TEST PASSED ** is displayed in the log file.

You can run all the tests specified in the TEST_LIST variable by running the simulation using the make runall command. This command supports the same set of configuration options as make run. After the simulation has completed, a summary report shows the pass or fail status of each test.

This section contains the following subsection:
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