3.5 mbed OS support

The MPS2+ FPGA platform, with the Cortex®-M3 DesignStart™ Eval image, is a supported mbed™ target. You can use the mbed online toolchain to develop applications using the mbed OS.

To compile and run a basic LED blinking program on the MPS2+ platform using the online mbed compiler, follow these steps:

  1. Go to the mbed compiler site at http://developer.mbed.org/compiler/.
  2. Import the program and libraries into your workspace by selecting New program. This gives a dialog for you to select the following:
    PlatformARM Cortex-M3 DesignStart
    TemplateBlinky LED Hello World
    Program namembed_blinky
  3. Select Compile to compile the program and produce a .bin file, which will be downloaded automatically.
  4. Rename the .bin file to follow an 8:3 character format (for example, mbed_bl.bin).
  5. Ensure that your MPS2+ platform is powered up and connected to the computer. Your computer should recognize the MPS2+ platform as an external USB drive, named V2M_MPS2.
  6. Copy the .bin file to the following MPS2+ platform drive:
  7. Edit the following file to reference the .bin file.
    For example:
    TITLE: Versatile Express Images Configuration File
    TOTALIMAGES: 1                     ;Number of Images (Max: 32)
    IMAGE0ADDRESS: 0x00000000          ;Please select the required executable program
    ;IMAGE0FILE: \SOFTWARE\st_m3ds.axf ; - M3 DesignStart selftest
    IMAGE0FILE: \SOFTWARE\mbed_bl.bin  ; Compiled on mbed.org


If you are using the mbed command-line interface, use cm3ds_mps2 as the platform name.

The MPS2+ FPGA platform, as delivered, does not support using the mbed bootloader to update the firmware, since the Motherboard Configuration Controller (MCC) loads the firmware at powerup.

You must also ensure that any software image uses the 8:3 filename format. To emulate the normal mbed drag and drop programming behavior:

  1. Copy the .bin file (matching the images.txt file).
  2. Copy the reboot.txt file to the V2M_MPS2 drive. This causes the new image to be loaded.

The http://developer.mbed.org website has up-to-date information about the support for this platform, with links to the example software.

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