6.3.3 Simulation model configuration

Cortex®-M3 DesignStart™ Eval includes an ARM Cycle Model of the processor integration level. This model is also referred to as a DSM in this document.

You can run simulations without using the Cycle Model, but you will have less visibility when you need to debug how the code is executing, or has executed.

License installation

To use the ARM Cycle Model with your simulator, you are required to install a license, which you can obtain from the ARM website using the information provided when you registered for access to Cortex-M3 DesignStart Eval. You must have a software license server available on your network.

ARM Cycle Model products use the FLEXNet License Manager and you can either install a node locked license or a floating license. For more information, see the following FAQ topics in the ARM Technical Support Knowledge Articles:

  • How do I install my node locked license?
  • How do I install my floating license?


The Cycle Model only supports the 64-bit simulations, and must be run on the Linux platform.

When you use the model, the makefile sets the following environment variables:

TARMAC_ENABLEIf this variable is set, the processor instruction trace log is generated in cm_tarmac.log.
LD_LIBRARY_PATHThis variable ensures that the system shared library search path includes the Cycle Model directory.
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