3.1 Example system

Cortex®-M3 DesignStart™ Eval provides an example system, which includes all the components and peripherals that you require to implement a functioning mbed™ OS endpoint device.

The example system is designed to be implemented on the ARM Versatile Express Cortex-M Prototyping System (V2M-MPS2+), and comes with a full simulation environment.

The example system is built around the Cortex-M3 processor and the CoreLink™ SSE-050 Subsystem. In addition to the standard peripherals provided by the MPS2+ board, the example system in Cortex-M3 DesignStart Eval provides the following peripherals:

  • Two timers that are dedicated for mbed OS usage.
  • Timers, UART, Watchdog, Real Time Clock (RTC), and True Random Number Generator (TRNG) for application use.
  • SPI interface for microSD card, using the microSD card SPI adapter board.

The following diagram shows an overview of the different hierarchies in the example system:

Figure 3-1 Cortex-M3 DesignStart Eval example system
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