4.3.7 Color LCD touch screen signals

The following tables describe the color LCD and touch screen signals:

Table 4-15 Color LCD signals

Signal Direction Description
CLCD_SDO Input Data out of color LCD into FPGA.
CLCD_PDH[17:10] Input and output Configuration signals
CLCD_PDL[8:1] Input and output

CLCD_PD[5:1] is connected to color LCD header.

CLCD_PD[8:6] are configuration signals.

CLCD_CS Output Chip select (active-LOW).
CLCD_RS Output Command or display data selection.
CLCD_WR_SCL Output Serial clock out
CLCD_RD Output Read data
CLCD_RESET Output Reset (active-LOW).
CLCD_BL_CTRL Output Back-light enable
CLCD_SDO Output Data out of FPGA into color LCD.

Table 4-16 Touch screen signals

Signal Direction Description
CLCD_T_CS Input Interrupt
CLCD_T_SDA Input and output Serial data
CLCD_T_SCL Output Serial clock
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