6.5.2 Running make in a test code directory

There is a makefile in each test directory in m3designstart/logical/testbench/testcodes/<testname> for software compilation.


The makefile in testcodes/<testname> supports several settings during compilation. For more information, see 6.5.1 Software compilation makefile settings.


The makefile in testcodes/<testname> supports the following commands:

make all
This starts the software compilation process for DS-5 or ARM GCC. You can override the variable in the makefile. For example, to compile using DS-5 with the MicroLIB option enabled, execute the following:
make clean
This cleans all intermediate files created during the compilation process that was invoked by make all. If changes are made in code other than the test code itself, for example, in the CMSIS header files, then running make clean ensures that these changes are detected by a subsequent make all.
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