2.2.3 Running the simulation

Cortex®-M3 DesignStart™ Eval provides a precompiled binary file for each integration test that you can run during simulation. These files can be used out of the box without any special configuration.

To run the simulation, execute the following command:

  1. Ensure that you are in the following directory:
  2. Run the simulation with an integration test. For example, to start the simulation with the hello test, execute the following command:
    make run TESTNAME=hello SIMULATOR=vcs DSM=yes 


If values of any of the configuration options SIMULATOR, DSM, or SIM_64BIT were specified in the previous make compile command, then the same set of values must be used for the make run command.

For a complete list of the integration tests and the full set of makefile options, see the ARM® Cortex®-M3 DesignStart™ Eval RTL and Testbench User Guide.

Running the tests only takes a few minutes. As delivered, all tests should pass with the following display message:


If any of the tests fails to display the ** TEST PASSED ** message, then rerun the hello test since it is the most basic test that can help identify the problem. You can also refer to the <sim>_<testname>_run.log file in the execution_tb directory for troubleshooting.

For more suggestions on troubleshooting or how to recompile the integration tests, see the ARM® Cortex®-M3 DesignStart™ Eval RTL and Testbench User Guide.

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