2.1.6 Integrating ARM radio IP or an accelerator

The subsystem included with Cortex®-M3 DesignStart™ Eval is suitable for integration with the baseband part of the ARM Cordio® radio IP. If you license the ARM Cordio radio IP, you might want to contact ARM for details on the options for evaluation and prototyping.

The interface provided for the radio IP is also suitable for adding dedicated hardware accelerators that require an AHB memory-mapped control interface, and DMA access to the memory system.

One of the subsystem master expansion ports maps to a 64KB memory region that can be used to control the radio IP or accelerator.

The radio IP or accelerator can use one of the slave expansion ports on the subsystem to transfer data by DMA.

The ARM Cordio radio also requires some GPIO connections for control and monitoring, and several interrupt lines. If you are using the ARM Cordio radio IP, ARM recommends that you use interrupt lines 34-43.

It is also possible to interface to an external analogue radio although this would require many expansion pins and a different FPGA platform (the MPS2+ platform does not expose enough I/O pins).


Cortex-M3 DesignStart Pro, which can be licensed for full production, is also suitable for integration with the baseband part of the ARM Cordio radio IP.
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