1.1 About Cortex®-M3 DesignStart™ Eval

Cortex®-M3 DesignStart™ Eval provides developers an easy way to develop and simulate SoC designs based on the ARM Cortex-M3 processor. It allows a system designer to design and test on a simulator and then proceed with hardware prototyping using an FPGA.

The Cortex-M3 DesignStart Eval package is aimed at developers who are new to ARM or have limited soft IP system design experience. The package includes the following:

Cortex-M3 DesignStart Eval provides an easy entry into the ARM ecosystem, rather than a complete solution for all Cortex-M processor design scenarios.

The hardware ecosystem in Cortex-M3 DesignStart Eval is built around the CoreLink™ SSE-050 Subsystem and includes the use of the Cortex-M System Design Kit (CMSDK) standard library of Advanced High-performance Bus (AHB) and Advanced Peripheral Bus (APB) components. For more information on the CMSDK, see the ARM® Cortex®-M System Design Kit Technical Reference Manual.

The software ecosystem in Cortex-M3 DesignStart Eval uses the ARM Cortex Microcontroller Software Interface Standard (CMSIS) software standard library.

The use of CMSDK and CMSIS, coupled with a reprogrammable FPGA, allows for a fast turnaround and prototyping of Cortex-M3 processor-based hardware and software.

Cortex-M3 DesignStart Eval does not support the implementation of the Cortex-M3 processor into silicon. Any implementation of the Cortex-M3 processor into silicon requires you to obtain Cortex-M3 DesignStart Pro, or take a full Cortex-M3 processor license from ARM.

A Cortex-M3 DesignStart Pro license offers the following:

  • The Cortex-M3 processor.
  • The SDK-100 System Design Kit (SDK), which includes:
    • The CoreLink SSE-050 Subsystem.
    • The CMSDK components.
    • A Real Time Clock (RTC).
    • A stand-alone True Random Number Generation (TRNG).

An Embedded Trace Macrocell (ETM) is not included in Cortex-M3 DesignStart Pro, and requires a separate license.

If you are working on ASIC implementation, then ARM recommends that you license Cortex-M3 DesignStart Pro as early as possible.

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