2.1.5 MPS2+ platform-specific peripherals

There is a hierarchy of AHB and APB interconnect with an array of peripherals that are designed to match the MPS2+ platform resources and the Arduino shield expansion. This whole subsystem would typically be replaced when designing a custom device.

However, replacing a subset of the peripherals in this hierarchy is sufficient for development purposes. Since the replacement is design-specific, there are no recommendations that are relevant for compatibility.

The MPS2+ platform peripheral subsystem is connected to the 'background region' of the AHB expansion from the subsystem in DesignStart™. This means that the peripherals added here are subjected to increased latency, but also provide a power benefit by reducing the interconnect activity when these peripherals are not in use.


When you use the mbed™ Cloud client, your device requires a persistent storage device that the file system supports. The simplest implementation uses an microSD card, which can be connected using the SPI.
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