11.2 ARM Asm Info view

Use the ARM Asm Info view to display the documentation for an ARM® or Thumb® instruction or directive.

When you are editing assembly language source files, which have a .s extension, using the ARM assembler editor, you can access more information by:

  1. Selecting an instruction or directive.

  2. Pressing F3.

The related documentation is displayed in the ARM Asm Info view. The ARM Asm Info view is automatically shown when you press F3.

Figure 11-2 ARM Asm Info view
ARM Asm Info view

To manually show this view:

  1. Ensure that you are in the DS-5 Debug perspective.

  2. Select Window > Show View > Other... to open the Show View dialog box.

  3. Select the ARM Asm Info view from the DS-5 Debugger group.

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