1.1 Platform introduction

The Arm®v8‑A Foundation Platform is an enabling platform for the Armv8‑A architecture.

It is a simple platform model capable of running bare-metal semi-hosted applications and booting a full operating system, with processor cluster, RAM, and some basic I/O devices such as Universal Asynchronous Receiver/Transmitters (UARTs), block storage, and network support. It also contains a simple web interface to indicate the status of the platform. It is supplied as a platform with configuration of the simulation from the command line and control using peripherals in the platform.

The processors in this platform are not based on any existing processor design, but conform to the Armv8‑A architectural specifications. This means that you can use the platform for confirming software functionality, but you must not rely on the accuracy of cycle counts, low-level component interactions, or other hardware-specific behavior.

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