4.4.1 About the DMA example

This example illustrates the use of AMBA-PV burst transfers and the Signal API in a system comprising a simple DMA model programmed to perform transfers between two memories. Additionally, it illustrates the use of DMI for simulation performance optimization.

Figure 4-3 DMA example system
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This example comprises the following components:

  • A simple test bench to program the DMA transfers.
  • An AMBA-PV bus decoder, class amba_pv_decoder<>, to route transactions between the system components.
  • A simple DMA model, implementing a producer-consumer scheme and capable of using DMI for memory transfers.
  • Two AMBA-PV memories, class amba_pv_memory<>.

The example is located in $MAXCORE_HOME/AMBA-PV/examples/dma_example.

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