1.1 AMBA-PV extensions

The AMBA-PV Extensions to TLM 2.0 (AMBA-PV) map AMBA® buses on top of TLM 2.0.

The key features are:

AMBA-PV classes and interfaces are layered on top of the TLM 2.0 library. AMBA-PV specializes TLM 2.0 classes and interfaces to handle AMBA buses control information such as Secure, Non-secure, and privileged. In addition, AMBA-PV provides a framework that minimizes the effort that is required to write TLM 2.0 models that communicate over the AMBA buses.

AMBA buses add the following specific features to the TLM 2.0 Generic Payload (GP):

The AMBA-PV extensions to the TLM 2.0 Base Protocol (BP) covers the following:

In addition, AMBA-PV defines classes and interfaces for the modeling of side-band signals, for example, interrupts.

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