2.2.28 Data organization

In general, the organization of the AMBA-PV data array is in "bus order", independent of the organization of local storage within the master or the slave.

The contents of the data and byte enable arrays must be interpreted using the burst size attribute of the AMBA-PV extension. The size of a transferred word, or beat, within a transaction, is defined by the burst size attribute. The data array must not contain part-word, even when the transaction address is unaligned.

The word boundaries within the data and byte enable arrays must be address-aligned, that is, they must fall on addresses that are integer multiples of the burst size. The data length attribute must be greater than or equal to the burst size times the burst length.

The local address of a word or beat within the data array is given by the amba_pv_address() function:

    amba_pv_address(address, burst_length, burst_size, burst_type, N);

where N denotes the beat number as in 1-16.

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