3.1.11 Signaling

The Signal API defines classes and interfaces for the modeling of side-band signals such as interrupts.

There are two variants:

  • The Signal one that permits components to indicate a signal state change to other components and uses the signal_ prefix.
  • The SignalState one that permits the other components to passively query the current state of the signal and uses the signal_state_ prefix.

The Signal API features immediate propagation of the signal state (no update phase or time elapse) and does not require intermediate storage of the signal state in a channel.

The Signal classes and interfaces feature a STATE template parameter.


These Signal classes and interfaces are provided as part of AMBA-PV as an alternative to using SystemC sc_signal<> for side-band signal modeling at PV level. The SystemC sc_signal<> is implemented as a primitive channel using the request/update mechanism. This introduces extra processes, resulting in extra delta cycles in the simulation, and prevents immediate propagation of the signal state.
Figure 3-10 Signaling
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