A.12.4 CADIProfiling::CADIProfileTraceControl()

This method starts, stops, and resets recording the execution trace.

virtual CADIReturn_t CADIProfiling::CADIProfileTraceControl(
                                    CADITraceBufferControl_t bufferArg,
                                    CADITraceControl_t control,
                                    CADITraceOverlayControl_t overlay) = 0;
sets what to do when the buffer is full, that is, either wrap or stop.

defines the tracing behavior, and is one of these values:

  • CADI_TRACE_CNTL_StartContinuous.
  • CADI_TRACE_CNTL_StartDiscontinuity.

selects overlay mode, and is one of these values:

  • If CADI_TRACE_OVERLAY_Memory, overlay events must be included in the trace output at the expense of not being able to see inside the trace manager.
  • If CADI_TRACE_OVERLAY_Manager, the trace data must include the overlay manager code at the expense of not knowing the details about the memory regions that are overlaid.
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