A.12.8 CADIProfiling::CADIProfileGetRegAccesses()

This method reads the number of read/write accesses for numberOfRegs registers, starting with register index startReg.

virtual CADIReturn_t CADIProfiling::CADIProfileGetRegAccesses(
                                      uint32_t startRegID,
                                      uint32_t numberOfRegs,
                                      CADIRegProfileResults_t *reg,
                                      uint32_t &actualNumberOfRegs) = 0;
is the index of the first profiled register in the internal list of profiled registers held by the target.
is the number of registers the profiling data is requested for.
on return, this contains the profiling results.


reg must point to an array of objects of type CADIResourceProfileResults_t with size numberOfRegs.
on return, this contains the number of registers the profiling data was actually read for.
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