A.8.16 CADI::CADIRegGetMap()

This method obtains detailed register information.

ARM recommends that the debugger for the target call this method after connecting to the target to obtain detailed register information:

  • All registers must be reported even if they are part of a compound register.
  • All register numbers must be unique both for registers in the same group and register numbers in other groups.
  • A register can be a member of more than one register group.
virtual CADIReturn_t CADI::CADIRegGetMap(uint32_t groupID, 
                                         uint32_t startRegisterIndex,
                                         uint32_t desiredNumOfRegisters, 
                                         uint32_t *actualNumOfRegisters,
                                         CADIRegInfo_t *reg) = 0;
identifies the ID of the group whose map is requested. If the value is CADI_REG_ALLGROUPS, all registers of all groups are returned.
is the index into the internal list of registers held by the target. It is not register numbers.
is the total number of registers required by the caller. The caller must allocate a buffer size that is enough to hold the requested number of registers.
is the number of registers actually returned by the target. Any value set on input is ignored.

is the register information. The array is allocated, and deallocated if applicable, by the caller to be filled by the target. The amount of space allocated must be enough to hold the number of registers requested.

If the count is greater than the targets number of registers, the target must return all the registers. If fewer registers are returned than requested, the last entries of reg[] are left empty.

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