A.8.30 CADI::CADICacheRead()

This function performs a cache read.

virtual CADIReturn_t CADI::CADICacheRead(CADIAddr_t addr,
                                         uint32_t linesToRead,
                                         uint8_t *data,
                                         uint8_t *tags,
                                         bool *is_dirty,
                                         bool *is_valid, 
                                         uint32_t *numLinesRead,
                                         bool doSideEffects) = 0;
is the address to be read, including the memory space ID.
is the number of cache lines to read.
is a byte array of size (cache_lines *line_size). The array is encoded in little endian format.
is a byte array of size (cache_lines *tagsbits/8).
is the status (one per line).
is the status (one per line).
is the number of cache lines actually read.
If set to true, this parameter informs the target that it must perform side effects on a cache read access. Such side effects might be, for example, triggering an interrupt. If it is set to false, the target must decide when to ignore this parameter. For some cases it is not possible to read from cache without side effects.
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